New Report on latest Radioactive Leak in Japan

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Merry Christmas to all from all of here in North Carolina!    I just ran across this article and thought it would be important to send link to everyone in our healthy water community.

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Radioactive water leaked at second Japan plant | The Raw Story

Ground water quality alert… GOP trying to legalize Fracking practices in NC

Hydraulic Fracturing or “fracking” is a controversial method of improving the production of oil and natural gas wells.   Environmentalists claim that the process damages the earth so substantially that hidden deposits of contaminants are released amongst other things, into drinking water, causing excessive groundwater pollution.

See more in News Observer article:   EPA: Fracking may cause groundwater pollution


New AlkaWand™ Pocket Energizer Revolutionizes the Alkaline Water Industry!

Announcing the AlkaWand™ Pocket Energizer!

Water Revolution’s new AlkaWand™ released just 3 weeks ago is going to be a revolutionizing “game changer” for all marketers involved in the healthy alkaline water, water ionizer, portable ionizer and healthy water industries.

Problem #1

You just love drinking fresh alkaline ionized water from your home water ionizer but when you travel (especially on an airplane) you become very dehydrated, your usual headaches return and you “jones” heavy for alkaline water.   If you’re an alkaline water addict like we are you know just what I mean!

The new AlkaWand™ is a “magic wand” sort of tool that you carry in your pocket!    Just slip one into a cheap bottle of “purified water” and you can quickly transform it from an acid oxidating drink into an alkaline ionized antioxidant water with the mineral elements that your body needs!

Problem #2

You an alkaline water Rep and you’re smart enough to realize that the only way to reach your business building income goals is to actually demonstrate the pH water test/ demo to new people everyday.   In the past, the only way to effectively do this was to either hand carry gallons of water with you (not fun) or actually schlep your water ionizer or other unwieldy device.  Again, building the alkaline water business that way is harder than you thought it would be!   Water Revolution’s new AlkaWand™ changes all that because now you just carry this little pocket water ionizer in your pocket or purse together with its accompanied Travel Sized pH Reagent Testing Drops (also new and another Water Revolution exclusive).   Because the AlkaWand™ water proof case has a beautiful pH Chart directly on the label, you’ve now got all you really need to do a complete water demo anywhere, anytime, for anybody!   I did a full demo on the plane last week for a whole group of airline attendants.

Click to see the AlkaWand™ Intro Video

Kirk Phinney is the President and Founder of Water-Revolution, LLC, a North Carolina-based healthy water integrated manufacturing and marketing company.  In 60 months, Kirk, his family, and thousands of Independent Distributors from their two companies have sold over 11,000 water ionizers to customers in over 5 countries world wide.