AlkaTrek™ Portable Water Energizer

Everyone needs a portable water energizer.

We’re active motorcycle enthusiasts, boaters, and typically just run around a lot – especially in the warmer weather.  It’s always been a hassle being away from our primary water ionizer and the ability to make our special alkaline water.  In my last venture, we marketed an imported product which was sort of a weak thermos™ looking metal bottle which I named the AlkaPod™.  The device is very basic but was quite popular because active travelers, like us, were desperate for a portable means to make alkaline antioxidant water when we were away from home.   It’s true, once you start drinking the alkaline ionized water, you don’t ever want to be without it!   Unfortunately the old technology device couldn’t do anything to properly clean the water and you couldn’t make more than 8 ounces or so at any one time.

Water Revolution’s new non electric water energizer called the AlkaTrek™ was introduced earlier this year and is able to supply thirsty customers with the ability to make their own alkaline antioxidant water at will, in any amount, available to hook-up wherever they go! Customers have reported pH readings as high as 9.0 with the AlkaTrek™ and antioxidant power/ ORP readings of minus 400-500 millivolts.   With its NSF tested media blend that includes various carbon, KDF™ and Water-Revolution’s energized media solution™ the AlkaTrek portable water ionizer is a great choice!

The AlkaTrek™ comes complete with streamlined lexan body, a polished chrome diverter that includes an adapter kit as well as a removable mini faucet.  Replacement bodies are available for purchase and will typically filter and energize 500 gallons or more – depending on quality of the source water used.  This portable water ionizer is available at a price that’s affordable by everyone.

We’ve heard from a great many folks about how the AlkaTrek™ is the perfect choice for boats, yachts, RV’s, vacation homes, cabins, any anyplace else where you want to make alkaline water without trying to carry a large heavy electric machine.

This portable water ionizer also completely disassembles down to a size that can fit into a large purse or small carry bag or backpack.

You can learn more about how to purchase the AlkaTrek™ from any Water-Revolution Distributor.   Click here now to see more info…

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